How to convert files from EXE to APK Step By Step 2020

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 I’ve tried a series of tweaking on my PC and also on my android device and luckily for me, I came to discover a simple process on how the conversion of files really works. However, the windows exe files to the android apk file conversion process are damn too easy and require just little task to work successfully.

For you to have stumbled upon this guide, that is enough reason that you’re looking for ways to install windows exe files be it Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 on android device, and the only way to get this to work is by converting these files to android apk so that it can be in an installable format.

At the end of this guide, you should be able to run exe files on android. You might be wondering if there is an exe file opener for android, anyways, you’ll get to know about that before the end of this guide. Mind you, our main objective is to convert exe files to apk and not an exe file opener but more like an exe to apk for android or an exe to apk file converter.


How to convert EXE to APK using the conversion tool?

In this guide, I’ll be using a very handy tool called exe to apk file converter. So all you need to do is to download the tool from the link provided below and also follow the procedure as described.

EXE to APK file converter – Download here


  1. Firstly download the EXE to APK file converter tool.
  2. Install and launch the program on your windows computer.
  3. After that, open the EXE to APK file converter folder and you’ll get some files inside it as seen in the image below

  1. Now, launch the EXE to APK converter tool.
  2. After that, select “I have a portable application” and click next.
  3. Select the exe file you wish to convert and select convert
  4. The conversion process would take a few minutes depending on the file size you’re converting.

That’s it on how to convert exe to apk. Once you’re done, you can then send the converted exe file to your android device and enjoy it. Please do share this guide among friends, and let me know if you encounter any difficulty during file conversion.

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