10 Longest Action Games Of 2020 (According To How Long To Beat)

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How Long To Beat -Top 10 Longest Action Games Of 2020

Although 2020 wasn’t the greatest year on Earth, many felt it was the worst. However, gaming was able to help many people get through difficult times. This year was awash with amazing titles across all platforms. Some of these titles were even quite long.

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The following list contains the best action games of this year. Some of these games are open-ended but not all are pure open-world. They are short and manageable at the beginning, but they get longer as the story progresses. All data are taken from How To Beat.

Alyx (10 1/2 Hours) – 10Half of Life

Half-Life: Alyx is like hearing from a friend about a vacation to Spain. But the best thing you get is visiting your family in Rhode Island. The latest entry by Valve in the franchise is a great introduction to VR gaming for anyone with the money and space. In the future, technology will be more readily available so that more people can enjoy this thrilling return to City 17.


9Godfall (12 1/2 hours)

Gearbox was able to use the Borderlandsseries’ looting formula without any problems. Godfall lacks the same magic. It’s described as an average action game. There are better options for those looking to find something different on the PS5 than this. It is easier to get better with releases such as Demon’s Souls or Spider-Man Miles Morales.


8Hyrule Warriors Age Of Calamity (12 1/2 hours)

Although it’s not the same as Breath of Wild, Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity maintains the original art style of Hyrule Warriors and transfers it into the Musou genre.

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It falls under many of the trappings of the genre, some of them negative, but any fan of the latest mainline Legend of Zelda owes it to itself to give it a try. They should be able to keep it going while they wait for the true successor to Breath of the Wild.


7Doom Eternal (13 and 1/2 hours)

Doom Eternal is a great first-person shooter that you will find linearly. This campaign is also the longest in the genre. Most modern campaigns last between six and eight hours. It retains the essence of the Doom games but adds its own style. Multiplayer is the only area that is lacking, but it is not a problem when the campaign is so captivating.


6Hades (18 1/2 hours)

Although it was available in early access for some time, the real buzz began to build after the official release of Hades. The roguelike appeared to have appeared out of nowhere and quickly rose to the top of many games of the year lists. Supergiant’s game is notable for its integration of narrative into the gameplay. This masterpiece should be experienced by anyone who plays on a Nintendo Switch or a PC.


5Demon’s Souls (21 hours)

On the website, the average runtime for the PS3 version is around thirty hours. The reason for this large variation is likely to be two things: the familiarity of the title by fans and the impressive load times due to the PlayStation 5 SSD.

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The current generation is just beginning to rev its engines so there’s no reason for an early adopter to Sony’s new console not to purchase this remake OfSoftware’s cult favourite.


4Last Of Us Part 2 (24 Hours Hours).

Although this PlayStation 4 exclusive was controversial, the vast majority of gamers who have gone through it agree on its stellar quality. The story is a heart-wrenching tale that takes players through some of the most difficult scenes. But the graphics are also stunning. This is one of the most beautiful games ever made. While no one knows what Naughty Dog might do next, they ensured that the PS4’s last year was solid.


3Spelunky 2 (26 hours)

It is hard to predict how many hours an average player will spend trying to beat a game such as Spelunky2. Players can enjoy the game for a lifetime, despite not having completed a single run due to its procedurally generated dungeons and roguelike nature. It is not about winning the game. The goal is to have fun and discover the mechanics of the game. Spelunky is not a big deal, even though it resets all your progress.


2Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin (30 hours)

Sakuna – Of Rice and Ruin is one the most unique games on this list. It’s a mix of a farming simulator and an action/adventure game, but it’s always fun. This blend of both genres is better at recreating farm life than most other farming simulators. Real farmers are often forced to confront wild animals that steal their livestock and crops.


1Nioh 2 (45 hours)

While FromSoftware’s games can be easily beat, the Niohfranchise almost makes it impossible to beat. Nioh2 is a long game. Players will also be likely to lash out at each other. It is one of the most difficult games of the year. It is also rewarding. It is a great way to pass the time while you wait for more information on Elden Ring.


Quick Recap of the How Long To Beat -Top 10 Longest Action Games Of 2020.

  1. Nioh 2 (45 Hours)
  2. Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin (30 Hours)
  3. Spelunky 2 (26 Hours Hours)
  4. Last Of Us Part II (24 Hours Hours)
  5. Demon’s Souls (21 Hours)
  6. Hades (18 1/2 Hours)
  7. Doom Eternal (13 1/2 Hours)
  8. Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity (12 1/2 Hours)
  9. Godfall (12 1/2 Hours)
  10. Half-Life: Alyx (11 1/2 Hours)

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