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3 Methods to Download and save Instagram Reels Audio in MP3

Top 3 Tips on How to Download and Save Instagram Reels Audio as MP3


Instagram audio download: Insta Reel is one of the top tools to create short videos as well as sharing stories and exploring feeds. The majority of content creators and influencers creating their own communities by making short reels and growing their visibility on Instagram. If you are also on Instagram then you need to be aware that downloading short videos isn’t too difficult. Some may prefer downloading audio only. If you are also looking to download only audio then this post could be beneficial for you. In this article we’ll show you how to download Instagram’s music from a reel onto your phone. You can download the reel audio and set it to be your phone’s ringtone, set it as an audio source in reels, or play it offline.



1. Instagram Audio Download for Android, iOS, and PC



Utilizing Website

This is the simplest method for downloading Instagram audio. All you have to do is install a browser on your device to use this method. Through this method, you will be able to download the audio directly to your device using the website. This is a 100% secure method of operation.

Download Instagram Reels -
Download Instagram Reels –


  • Install Instagram on your device.
  • Take the reel to the left and then tap the three-dot menu at the end of the reel.
  • Click onto Copy Link.
  • After you copy the link after copying it, open internet browsers on the device you are using.
  • Then, open the
  • Copy the copied link into the field with the text and then tap the Convert option .
  • Then wait for a few seconds to completion of the conversion. After that, click on the then Download Audio button.



2. Instagram Audio Download via Link

If you’re looking to download the audio straight This method will work the one for you. All you require is an audio file and a browser to execute this procedure on your device

Instagram Downloader -
Instagram Downloader –


  • The first step is to open Instagram and navigate to the reels ‘ audio you would like to download. (You can search for the name of the reel’s song in the search bar under the category of audio or directly click on the audio of the reel that is playing.
  • On the page for audio Tap on the horizontal three dots menu icon and then tap the option to copy link.
  • After that, launch The browser that you have installed on your computer.
  • Open the link
  • After you have accessed the website and copying the reel, paste the audio link into the text box and press Enter. Then, wait a few minutes until the process has completed.
  • After that, press long-pressing then, long-press the “Save link to” option and tap then on the Download Link.


3. Utilizing Reels to Convert MP3 Online

In order to use this technique, you’ll first have to learn how to download Reels via Insta. Learn this on the link page. After downloading the reel to your device, you are able to convert the reel’s audio to MP3 using the following procedure.

  • The official website of Open Cloud Convert is available within your internet browser.
  • When the website is loaded in the header, select the covert mp4 to mp3 option.
  • Then, click the select button and upload your file to be converted.
  • After you have uploaded the file, click the convert button to begin the conversion.
  • Just wait a few seconds and then your installation reel’s audio file will get immediately saved to your device.

This is all that’s in this article on the Instagram the Audio Download Guide. If you’re having a issues with any of these steps on this Download Guide then comment down below. Visit our website for additional Insta tricks and tips similar to this.

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