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5 Amazing Android Useful Tips & Tricks To Try

One of the sweetest Of Android is how Feature-rich it is. We can Customize Our Smartphone according to our taste, We have access to tons of Features and We can do a lot more with our Android Smartphone in terms of Customisation. Sometimes, We think that we know all the Android features but We really Don’t, but today am going to show you some hidden tricks you never know that existed in android Phones.

Some are hidden features, Some are not so Popular. Well, let’s proceed It’s time to Know the 5 Amazing Useful Features In Android.
5 Android Tips & Tricks

1. By Searching Name Instead of Mobile number

As we all know, Most times We can not remember all the Mobile Numbers, Which are Saved in Our Smartphone. Sometimes We want to call Someone Quickly and We do not Remember His/her Contact number, and We search his/her Name in Our Contact List and Find Many Contacts on the Same Name, Like Sanjay College, Sanjay Surat, etc. If You don’t want to Goes into this mess, Then You can do One thing that is,  simply head to Your Dialer Pad. If You can Notice, We have Small Alphabets in Our Dialer Pad, You can  Simply Type the Name, and it will show you names that are saved In Your contact list.


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2. By Uninstall Multiple Apps

Sometimes Uninstalling Apps One by One is a bit stressful and annoying thing, Yes I guess? Custom Skins Like MIUI gives you the privilege to Select Apps and Uninstall them at a go. But If You’re Someone Who doesn’t have this Feature In Your Smartphone, perhaps this process might help you. Open Playstore and Go to My Apps & games⟶ Installed⟶ Storage. There You’ll See All Your Apps and When You’ve Used them Last time. You can simply select Apps and Uninstall them.

3. By Customizing Ringtone for a Specific Person

In Android, You can select a Particular Ringtone for a Particular Person, It can be Specific for Your Dad, Friend, Your Girlfriend / Boyfriend, etc. with this, You Just have to Go to Your Contacts and Locate Particular contact, and there You’ll see an Option for Custom Ringtone. You can simply select a Ringtone for Specific Person.


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4. By Sharing Youtube Video with Specific Duration

Let’s Assume, You were watching a 40Mins Long Youtube Video and at 17min, You’ll found Something that You want to Discuss with Your Friend. We’ll just copy the Youtube Video link and Share with Friend, then You have to tell the Specific time and all, Isn’t A Long Process? Here’s a simple trick.
You just have to copy-paste the link and Add a few timestamps.
 For example, You want to share Video From 17min 20secs.
Simply Copy paste the Link and Add ” ?t=17m20s “. Now, Your Friend will get the Link that will Play the Video from 17min 20Secs.

5. By Capitalizing Words Easily

A lot of us Use GBoard as Default  Keyboard. If You’re a GBoard User, I have a Simple trick to Capitalise the Word. So, When You’re Typing and You want to Capitalise the first letters of a Word or Even capitalize the whole world or a Sentence, Here’s a trick for you. All you need to do is select the sentence and Just Hit the Shift Button. If You want to capitalize on the whole word? Just Double-tap the Shift Button. Awesome! Right?


In the above article, we just discussed five hidden ticks you are missing and need to be tried out, basically, there about 100+ Android Hidden Tricks You Haven’t heard about, these are just simple I decided to share with you. Android has a lot of features you may have never come across, soon we will be revealing all the future, Android indeed is a great Device owned by Google. please if you find this article interesting please kindly share friends, subscribe to our newsletter for a follow-up updates

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