Top 6 Best Cloud Hosting Services for 2021

6 Best Cloud Hosting Providers (Compared & Tested 2021)

If you are interested in learning more about this alternative hosting type, you have come to the right spot. Based on our extensive research, I will explain what cloud hosting is and how it works. Also, I will show you the top cloud web hosting providers currently available. This will help you choose the best cloud hosting plan for your website.

Let’s get started with the top cloud web hosting services.


The Top 5 Cloud Hosting Services of 2021

  • DreamHostCloud hosting best for developers
  • Hosting– The best bang for your buck
  • HostGatorCloud web hosting at a great price
  • A2 HostingCloud web hosting – The fastest and most reliable
  • InMotionSmall businesses can get the best cloud hosting
  • SiteGroundCloud Hosting for Scaling Resources: The Best

For detailed reviews, read on to learn more about each product and compare their pricing.


1. DreamHost – Best cloud hosting service for developers



Maximum $4.50/month
Block storage up to 100 GB
Free SSD and bandwidth
Full root access and control
Enjoy up to 47% Discount

DreamHost offers the most straightforward cloud setup in the business. Your cloud servers can be live in under 30 seconds. DreamHost cloud is the best choice for developers.

There are server options available that can be used for web apps, databases, and running tests, in addition to websites.

You can use the DevOps tools you already have. DreamHost gives you complete root access to your cloud servers, giving you total control.

DreamHost’s best feature is that you only pay what you use. Based on the size and capacity of your server, you’ll be charged an hourly rate for resources.

  • 512 MB RAM Server — $0.0075 an hour (maximum $4.50 a month).
  • 2GB RAM Server — $0.02 an hour (maximum $12/month)
  • 8GB RAM Server — $0.08 an hour (max $48/month)

Websites should consider a 2 GB server.

Sign up and you won’t be charged anything. Instead, your monthly usage will be billed to you.

In my comprehensive review of DreamHost’s web hosting services, the only thing that DreamHost fails to excel in is customer service. Customer service is not available via live chat or email. It is also unavailable for 16 hours per day. If you need assistance in the middle or late of night, then you won’t have any luck until the next morning.


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2. Host – The best bang for your buck


Host a party

Usually $29/month
Monthly pricing
SSL Certificate and domain free
30-day guarantee of your satisfaction
Take 74% off

Hostinger provides high-quality web hosting at affordable prices.

What are their lowest prices? The cheapest plan they offer is $7.45 per monthly. This is an annual rate and will increase if you renew. It’s still the best price for web hosting.

Although it is not the lowest price for cloud hosting, it is still very affordable. This host is a great choice because it offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, decently fast speeds and is highly recommended.

Hostinger stands out from other providers because of its dedicated IP. Hostinger customers get a dedicated IP for free with all cloud hosting plans. This is amazing.

The hPanel dashboard also has a very intuitive user interface. You won’t have any trouble understanding a dashboard such as this, even if you aren’t familiar with it.

The full pricing can be found here. It’s a highly profitable cloud hosting plan that will give you the best bang for your buck.



3. – Cheap cloud hosting



Starting at $12.95/month
If you pay annually, $4.95 per month
SSL Certificate and domain free
Guaranteed 45-day refund
Enjoy up to 45% Discount

HostGator has been a well-known name in the web hosting business. They offer cloud hosting plans that are among the most affordable on the market.

Let’s look at three basic cloud-hosting plans offered by HostGator.

Hatchling Plan

  • Start at $4.95
  • 2 CPUs
  • 2 GB memory
  • One domain

Baby Plan

  • Start at $6.57
  • 4 CPUs
  • 4GB of memory
  • Unlimitted domains

Business Plan

  • Start at $9.95
  • 6 CPUs
  • 6GB of memory
  • Unlimitted domains

These rates are applicable to 36-month contracts. These rates are 45% lower than the actual price which you will end up paying when renewing your contract.

All cloud hosting plans include a free SSL certificate. The Business plan includes a dedicated IP and free SEO tools.

The dashboard of HostGator makes it easy to track the performance of your website. You can view information about page speed, uptime and reach quickly.

Scaling server resources is easy too. You can do this in one click without data migrations or downtime.


There are three types of web hosting.

  • Hosting shared
  • Hosting VPS (virtual personal server)
  • Hosting dedicated servers


4. A2 Hosting – Fastest cloud web hosting

A2 Hosting

Visit A2 Hosting

Starting at $5.00/month
Servers up to 20x faster
Options both managed and unmanaged
30-day guarantee of your satisfaction

A2 Hosting is known for being the fastest web host provider on the market. A2 Hosting’s cloud plans are equally fast and reliable.

The A2 cloud options are great because they can be customized to your specific needs.

Plans start at $5, $10 and $15 per month, respectively. You only pay for what you use, depending on how you set up your cloud servers.

cPanel is an additional $19.95 per month. It’s not included in the lowest-tier pricing plans.

A2 offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and a money-back guarantee at any time. There are certain contingencies that both may be applicable, so be sure to read the fine print.

A2’s 24/7/365 customer support team will satisfy you if you value customer service.

This cloud hosting provider is perfect for anyone who wants unmanaged cloud hosting at lightning-fast page loading speeds.


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5. InMotion – Best cloud hosting service for small businesses

InMotion Hosting


SSL Certificate and domain free
Launch assistance service free
Guaranteed return within 90 days
Enjoy up to 64% Discount

Although InMotion is not the most popular hosting provider in the sector, its cloud hosting plans are some of the best.

Cloud hosting solutions are available for all.

  • Cloud hosting for small businesses
  • Cloud hosting for agencies
  • Cloud hosting for application cloud
  • Cloud hosting for enterprises

InMotion offers cloud hosting services in 10 pricing tiers and plans. This is the largest number of providers I have seen.

Website owners should focus on small business plans. InMotion allows you to easily scale your resources as your website grows, I discovered in my full review of InMotion hosting services.

A resource monitoring dashboard, auto backups, rapid provisioning and complete snapshots of all your servers are included. InMotion provides a free SSL certificate and free cPanel licence with all its cloud business plans.



6. SiteGround – The best cloud hosting service for scaling resources



Starting at $80.00/month
Guaranteed Resources
Fully Managed Service
30-day guarantee of your satisfaction

SiteGround cloud hosting is ideal for websites who have outgrown their shared plan.

The plans come with full management, which means that the DevOps will configure all of your cloud accounts for you. SiteGround manages your hosting. This allows you to concentrate on other aspects of your website.

You can add resources such as RAM or CPU anytime you want by simply clicking in your admin settings.

Auto-scaling is a great feature. This automatically allocates the appropriate resources for unexpected traffic spikes.

SiteGround allows you to create your cloud completely from scratch and then plan according to the resources you have. Here are their basic plans.

Enter Cloud

  • Start at $80 per Month
  • 2 CPUs
  • 4GB of memory
  • 40 GB SSD storage
  • Transfer of 5 TB data

Cloud for Business

  • Start at $120 per Month
  • 3 CPUs
  • 6GB of memory
  • 60 GB SSD storage
  • Transfer of 5 TB data

Business Plus Cloud

  • Start at $160 per Month
  • 4 CPUs
  • 8GB memory
  • 80 GB SSD storage
  • Transfer of 5 TB data

Super Power

  • Start at $240 per Month
  • 8 CPUs
  • 10 GB memory
  • 120 GB SSD storage
  • Transfer of 5 TB data

The Business or Business Plus plans should provide enough resources for most people, so I recommend that you start with them. You can scale up as your traffic increases.

SiteGround offers advanced priority support for cloud hosting clients.

Webmaster tools such as a dedicated IP and free CDN, SSL, backups daily, and private DNS will be available to you. For more information on their services, check out my SiteGround review.



What is Cloud Hosting?

The cloud is generally a term that refers to remote storage. You can, for example, save photos from your smartphone and documents to a cloud storage area like Google Drive.

This is different than storing files locally on an external hard disk. These are two scenarios that I am sure you are familiar with. You may even use cloud storage to store something in your digital world.

The cloud is more complex than web hosting but still applies the same principles.

Cloud hosting allows you to have your web host from anywhere. All your website resources are kept alive by multiple virtual servers located in the cloud.

Each cloud server has a specific task. Each cloud server is responsible for a specific set of tasks. If one of them fails, or goes down completely, the other servers will take over and render the required resources.

Cloud Hosting VS Traditional Hosting

This visual representation shows that cloud hosting will ensure your website runs smoothly, regardless of any server problems.

Your website will have higher uptime rates, and will not be affected by unplanned downtime.

You’re basically putting all your eggs in the same basket by using a single server. This can be a big risk when dealing with an important website.

Cloud hosting can solve potential issues with one server and keep your site steady, even when your traffic grows.

Cloud hosting is easy to set-up. Cloud hosting is a quicker option than dedicated servers or shared servers for those who wish to get started immediately.


Who is Cloud Hosting for?

Cloud web hosting is ideal if you have a growing business or website that needs to scale quickly. Cloud web hosting allows businesses scale quickly. This is great news for businesses that are growing.

Cloud hosting plans offer flexible pricing options that allow you to only pay for what you use.

Cloud hosting is the best option if you anticipate random traffic surges, or a steady rise in website traffic over the next few years.

Cloud web hosting is not right for every company.

If you have a small website, blog or micro-business you don’t need cloud hosting. These types of websites can be served by a shared hosting plan.

If you are looking to expand your website, you might consider switching to cloud hosting instead of a VPS. A virtual private server may be capable of providing sufficient server resources, but a cloud hosting plan is typically more affordable.

A dedicated hosting plan is better than a cloud solution for enterprise-level websites that need to modify their server settings.

Cloud hosting is an option for any website that has more than 50,000 monthly visits. This is the best option for large websites that cannot afford downtime.


How to Choose the Best Cloud Hosting Service for You

Cloud hosting plans are not all created equal. Different hosting providers offer different benefits and features.

These are the things you need to consider when evaluating cloud web hosts.


Scalable Resources

It is important to ensure that your web hosting plan includes enough storage and bandwidth. You need to determine how much traffic you will get. New websites often face the same problem when looking for hosting plans.

They must decide if the maximum bandwidth is what they desire, even though they may not exceed those limits. Should they begin with a lower bandwidth plan, and then upgrade as their traffic increases?

Cloud Hosting resolves this problem.

Your website will be hosted on multiple servers so you don’t need to worry about bandwidth. You can always access resources from another server if one server is full.

You should look for cloud hosting plans that allow you to manage and configure server resources in real-time.

This is an example of how it looks on HostGatorCloud, which was a provider we reviewed earlier in this guide.

Hostgator Resources

A cloud hosting plan allows you to scale up your server resources without requiring approval from the provider. This can all be done from your admin dashboard.


Price tag

Traditional hosting plans usually require that you pay a fixed monthly fee. This amount will be charged even if you do not use all the server’s resources.

Cloud hosting offers flexibility in pricing. Therefore, I would look for a provider that charges you according to the amount of resources you use.

Let’s take an example. Let’s suppose you attend an all-you-can-eat buffet where you can also order a la carte. The price for the buffet is $20 per person. This is regardless of how many meals you order.

If you only eat $10 worth food, wouldn’t it be nice if you get $10 back?

This is how the best cloud hosting plans work.

This is related to the previous point about being capable of scaling your resources according to demand. Let’s take, for example, a blog post you wrote on your website that you have just created a lot of backlinks.

Instead of upgrading your whole plan, which you would have to do with other types web hosting, you can increase the resources required during that spike in traffic and then restore everything to normal once your traffic drops.

This would mean that you only have to pay for actual server usage during the surge. This pricing structure is similar to DreamHost, another provider on our list.

Dreamhost Useage

Pricing is determined by usage. Each plan has a monthly maximum rate. The fine print at bottom of each page says that you will only be charged for the amount you actually use.

Look for hosting providers that offer a similar pricing structure.


Performance and Speed

Every website owner should prioritize uptime, speed, performance, and security. It doesn’t matter what new or advanced hosting solution you have, if your website doesn’t perform at its best, it’s not worth the effort.

Cloud hosting servers can increase your website’s capacity, which will improve page loading speeds.

Cloud hosting does not place as much strain on one server as it would on a dedicated or shared plan. Cloud hosting is a great option if your website contains a lot of resource-intensive data like videos, images and other media content.

You should look for cloud hosting plans that deliver content from the closest remote server. This will ensure that your loading times are as quick as possible.

Your website visitors don’t care about the type of hosting plan you use. Your site visitors don’t care about the type of hosting plan you use. They simply want it to load quickly and be responsive.

Your website will perform better for the user by prioritizing uptime and loading speeds with cloud hosting.



Security is a top priority, regardless of what web hosting plan you choose.

Cloud hosting is very secure. Because your website is protected from potential issues with a physical server, it’s very safe. All of this is happening remotely. This would not be possible if your website was hosted on a single server.

Your website could be at risk if a local server is compromised. Your website will remain up and running even if one of your cloud servers is hacked or fails, but your website will not be affected.

As an incentive, look for web hosts that offer additional security protection.

Summary: The Best Cloud Web Hosting Plans For 20201 Updated

Cloud web hosting is the best solution to growing websites. You should switch to cloud hosting if your current shared plan is not able to meet the needs of your website.

What is the best cloud hosting service? It all depends on what you are looking for.

Here are the top cloud hosting reviews:

  • DreamHostCloud hosting best for developers
  • Hosting– The best bang for your buck
  • HostGatorCloud web hosting at a great price
  • A2 HostingCloud web hosting – The fastest and most reliable
  • InMotionSmall businesses can get the best cloud hosting
  • SiteGroundCloud Hosting for Scaling Resources: The Best

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