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Do you have a great tech product that no one seems to be noticed in the marketplace? Are you planning to launch a new product? Well, you are in luck. Themefiles Studio, the number one source for detailed information about tech products and services in Nigeria and across Africa and the world, now offers product review services.

How does it work?

Just contact us via our email at informing us of the product you want to be reviewed. We will consider whether your product is within the scope of our website and get back to you within two business days. If your product is approved for review we will send you our shipping address in Enugu for you to send the product. If you have a dealer or office in Enugu, we will not mind picking up the item from there.

If the product is a software or App, you can ship the package to the provided address or simply send us a download link with registration and/or license codes if required.

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The product must be sent via DHL or any other service with a package tracking feature.

Once we receive your product, you will be given a tentative date for the detailed review to be published on our site. This can range between 2 and 8 weeks depending on how excited we are about your product, the complexity of reviewing the product, and the existing size of our review queue.

If we are excited about a product, we may write a quick hands-on review (first impression) of the product within a week. The detailed review comes much later.

Remember, we will have to use the product to be able to write an honest review and it takes time to fully appreciate a product. If you have a deadline to meet (like a product launch), send us the product weeks ahead of the launch so that we can time the detailed review within your launch period.

If you are launching a new product or service in the Nigerian market, you can also invite us to have a first-hand impression at any of your showrooms in Enugu or Anambra states. This will cost you 25,000 Naira only (one day). We can also visit your showroom in any part of Nigeria, but you will have to bear the cost of transportation, accommodation, and feeding for the duration.

In our review, we will link to the website of the manufacturer as well as the website of the major distributor. If there is a page with details of local dealers and shops, we will also link to it if provided.

Unbiased Reviews Only

Note we offer unbiased reviews. So, sending us a non-refundable product or paying for a review or buying sponsorship on our website does not mean the review will be positive. The payment you make is for our time not for a positive review.

We publish both positive and negative reviews. Our reviews and not for sale, any payment you are making is for our time and nothing more.

We will not send the review to you for approval before publication. We will only send you a link after publishing the review on our website. You can request for us to pull the review, which we will consider and respond. We will not pull a product review if it is not in the interest of our audience and the general public.

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We will not delete a review because you do not like it. If you have any issues with a review. Contact us with new data contradicting our statements in the review.

If we verify your new data, we will update the review (correct errors) with only our verified data. We will also add the word Updated in the title. We will also share the updated version via our social media channels.

We will never delete the review. If you launch a new version of the product, you can also send it to us (following the same protocol). We will write a new review and link to it from the original (first) review. We will not review defective products.

Returning Reviewed Product

Normally, we will not return a reviewed product. So, if you want the product returned (or it is necessary to return the product) you must state that from the beginning so that terms will be agreed.

Note that if a product will be returned, you will pay the return fee. We will only return products via DHL or another similar service with tracking service.

However, there are certain products that will not be returned. This includes products with internal storage like smartphones where we will have to enter our personal data to review the product.

We will not return such products for security reasons. Also, some products due to their nature could be used during the review, hence returning such products will be impossible.

So, email us at to request a product review today.

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