Download EA SPORTS Cricket 7 For Free – Latest version

Download EA SPORTS Cricket 7 – Latest version 2021

A fast-paced sports game with multiple configurations

EA Sports Cricket was first introduced in November 2006 for PlayStation and Microsoft Windows. The classic sports game has been designed by HB Studios and was released under the renowned EA label. This is a cricket simulation game, which features high-quality visuals, a thrilling gaming experience, and realistic gameplay mechanics. While playing this title, you won’t be bored for a minute and will be able to choose from multiple customization options.

EA Games Cricket or EA Sports Cricket allows you to personalize the in-game experience. For instance, you can select various venues for the matches, edit weather conditions, choose from a huge catalog of players, and modify other game settings. Compared to Cricket 19, Pro Evolution Soccer, and FIFA 15, this Windows game lets you customize the entire gameplay mechanics and offers comprehensive keyboard mapping options.

One of the most popular games from EA Sports

EA Sports Cricket is one of the most popular versions of the classic game. The graphics are exceptionally good, and playing the game feels like being part of an actual match in real life. Over the years, users around the world have loved this offering from EA Games, an industry giant that doesn’t disappoint players.

In this sports game, you can choose from multiple national teams, including Australia, New Zealand, West Indies, India, Sri Lanka, and more. The game is available in different modes, and you can choose one depending on the experience, interests, and number of players. With excellent game mechanics, it’s easy to indulge yourself in a high-scoring game.

How’s the graphics and visuals?

Once again, the game has been designed with realistic 3D graphics. While they look a bit outdated compared to new Cricket for Windows installments, they’ll still instantly win your heart. The designs are detailed, and the proportions of players are true to real life. In addition to this, the animations simulate real-life matches quite well.

As mentioned earlier, while playing this Windows game, it feels like you’re a part of a real-life cricket match. The game features voiceovers from professional commentators, giving the entire gaming experience an authentic vibe.

If you’ve played other cricket games, especially the ones not from EA Games, you’ll notice that the look of the players is of much better quality. When it comes to movements, EA Games Cricket ensures fluidity with the legs and the arms. The commentary has been recorded in a playful spirit, and you’ll love the announcements about players entering the field.

Are there enough tournaments?

The popular PC game lets you become a part of a range of tournaments, each with different victory conditions and terms. For instance, you can play in the World Championship, which lets you choose from 16 teams. In this version, you compete for the coveted World Cup Trophy. In addition to this, you can choose to compete in the World Series, the Test Series, the Knockout Cup, and tours to various nations.

Despite being an old-time classic, EA Sports Cricket features a huge catalog of licensed players and teams. Once you download cricket on your PC, you’ll be able to choose players from the Americas, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, and other leading cricket-playing nations.

What about the keyboard controls?

For someone playing EA Cricket for the first time, it can be difficult to get a grasp on the keyboard controls. However, once you figure out the button mapping, you’ll be able to play the game without much hassle. EA Sports Cricket lets you set keys for special movements, which allow you to play big cricketing shots, the field in a more efficient manner, and bowl faster deliveries. With some unique combinations of moves, you can indulge in a few advanced plays too.

A classic game for Windows PCs

While EA Sports Cricket is a classic Windows game, it doesn’t share the popularity of other video games like FIFA and NBA. However, it still has a cult following. The game comes with excellent graphics, exciting gameplay, and stunning visual presentation. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the graphics give a feel like you’re actually watching a cricket match.

If you’ve ever been a hardcore cricket fan, this game is a must-download. Apart from this, it’s a good way to learn more about cricket’s rules and regulations, and check out players from multiple countries like New Zealand, Australia, India, and more. Without a doubt, EA Cricket is definitely worth checking out.

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