Download WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Premium WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin: WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Premium WordPress Plugin Latest Version Free Download

WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Premium WordPress PluginWordPress Automatic Plugin New Version Download Free – WordPress Automatic Plugin is among the most popular content scraper plugins available for WordPress. It’s on the Codecanyon marketplace and has 22843+ sales to date. It is able to auto-post regular articles, Clickbank products, amazon products, YouTube content, videos and feed posts and more. It is all you need to do is create an account and then relax. It is a simple process. WordPress Automated Plugin publishes content based on the settings for your campaign that are set using autopilot. It’s simple to set up campaigns. It’s as easy as going to your WordPress Dashboard >> New Campaign, choosing Campaign Type, Keywords for the Campaign Post template, post-filters and so on. Click”Publish. This is it, you can relax and unwind. This plugin will take care of the entire publishing task for you.

WordPress Automatic Plugin supports 20plus Campaign Types. It is able to scrape and auto-publish content from all the most prominent social networks including affiliate sites, as well as even a standard website. This plugin also provides an option to spin published content by using “the most efficient spinner “.


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Features of WordPress Automatic Plugin

  • Amazon affiliate API support
  • Replace and search words within article options
  • Clickbank products that have affiliate link assistance
  • Options for Ads
  • EzineArticles API
  • It is Best Spinner support for content Rewriting
  • Flicker API Support
  • Youtube API Support
  • WooCommerce Support
  • iTunes affiliate options
  • Envato affiliate support
  • Setup updates frequency
  • Limit the number of posts that YLimit.
  • Post template option
  • Auto featured image
  • Different post-filters support
  • Translate the post prior to posting.
  • Support for the WPML language

Sales Page of WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.55.6


WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Premium WordPress Plugin Free Download

WordPress Automatic v3.55.6 Premium WordPress Plugin

WordPress Automated Plugin New Version Download Free – WordPress Automated Plugin is among the most popular content scraper plugins available for WordPress.


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What’s New in WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.55.6 (Changelog)

  • Solution: Google translation back to work as normal
  • New: Careerjet is now importing the image of their logo
  • New: Reddit can now filter videos by only allowing Gifs only.
  • Correct: Amazon images now load properly
  • Correction: eBay module was rewritten to utilize the latest eBay Browse API
  • Fix: Facebook now import description if containing quotes
  • Correction: The plugin will now keep backslashes in the title and in the content
  • Fix: Careerjet full description extraction better method
  • Update: Instagram can now import well-known images with no issues.
  • Solution: Youtube embed back to load normally
  • NEW: The option to link specific keywords using an individual hyperlink
  • NEW: Option to not remove HTML tags from the title
  • NEW Feeds/multi-scraper option that allows you to go to the top of the post
  • New: Deepl new formality option
  • NEW: The option to create a the parent category for categories that are created.
  • NEW Option to eliminate inline hyperlinks from the post content
  • Correction Instagram module code has been was updated to work correctly
  • NEW: Option to change the slug back to the original post slug
  • NEW! JavaScript supports for Single/Multi-page Scraper or Feeds.
  • New: Pinterest will not allow pins to be removed if there is no description
  • Correction: Amazon without API as well EzineArticles recent updates handled
  • New: the option to skip posts with a certain length
  • Correction: Craigslist back to work with significant improvements and complete Woo support
  • Update: Deepl free API can now be used in the page for plugin settings
  • Fix Option to adjust numeric values allows you to modify values that include a one-line comma
  • Correction Languages updated to reflect Deepl
  • New: PolyLang plugin full support
  • Correct: Facebook updated to fix users who aren’t logged in for EU users
  • Correction: Amazon extra part on the description CDATA is Now corrected
  • Improvement: CareerJet now saves the sorting option to date.
  • NEW: Option to adjust values in numeric form e.g increasing the return price
  • Correct: SoundCloud module updated to be working again following the new modifications
  • Correction: Facebook’s pinned posts will now be removed
  • Changes to Facebook events: Now will show the date
  • Correction: Facebook option to skip posted posts that are shared now works
  • Correction: Amazon books now get transferred with more specific information
  • Improved: New user’s nickname is now displayed instead of the names when you create a new user
  • NEW Scraper that can multipage now has Infinite scroll.
  • Solution: TikTok posting from a particular user is now working.
  • Fix: Facebook empty images issue solved.
  • Correction: Facebook videos are back to embedding normally.
  • Correction of a bug: multi-page Scraper Updated pattern URL for next page now allows negative steps.
  • Solution: eBay updated to support the new link format.
  • Update: Youtube safe search option added.
  • New: Google translate now supports Traditional Chinese.
  • Correction: TikTok now can import from a user in the normal way even if they are blocked.
  • Correction: Facebook now reports when cookies are needed.
  • New: Reddit embeds videos are now can be sounded.
  • and a few other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Free Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.55.6 Latest Version – Content Scraping WordPress Plugin


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