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How To Check Whether Link is Dofollow or Nofollow So, let’s see and read this article very carefully I think you are not read this article are carefully you are not anything are got it.

First of all, let me tell you the advantages of this:

  • This is will help you choose the blogs for Blog Commenting.
  • This is the always help You can determine your Do-Follow for Link Building for your Event-based Blogging.
  • It will also help you can analyze your competitors are balancing their links. (Do-Follow and No-Follow) ration in their post.
  • These all methods you can check the Whether backlinks you are made it is No-Follow and Do-Follow.

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What are DoFollow & Nofollow Links in Blogging???

Well Before starting you are must know that this thinks Whats is the Do-Follow and What is the No-Follow Links. Since some other post titles, I will just you an overview.

No-Follow Link: Those links which are not crawled by the Google bot and Not the pass any links juice. And they help you Page Rank and Your Blog Ranking.

Do-Follow Link: Such links are crawled by the Google Bot and Spider. Do-Follow links are to your blog help and increase your ranking, page rank, authority.


How to Check Whether Link is Dofollow or Nofollow

You can download and install your browser No-Follow Extension. Only once time you can download and installed It will outline all No-Follow links on the page.

  • Google Chrome 
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari

This is only for Mozilla Firefox users, There is a different extension name  No-DoFollow.


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What Does this Extension do???

This is very simple and quiet, The No-Follow Extension outlines But No-Follow links are marked with rel=’nofollow’ and links are the no-follow meta tag robots. The outlines web[pages are gets loaded completely. It’s basically a DoFollow and NoFollow Checkers.

This extension gives you provide some extra features:

  • You can set your own customs CSS outlining For the Nofollow Links.
  • You easily and simply enable and disable the extension.
  • It allows you can add the sites to the “Extension List”.

This is Below are Some Snapshots depicting the working of it.

Image from ShoutMeLoud Comment section

Works on Facebook too

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