How To Convert Mp4 To Mp3 On Android Phone Without Any Software


How To Convert Mp4, 3gp, or Any Video File Format to Mp3 file format without using any software. Before I proceed I will a give a hint of what this an Android Phones Can do, there are about 100+ tricks you can actually do with an Android Phone, Here is 5 Amazing Android Useful Tips & Tricks To Try sometime ago I was in an argument some couple of friends who has doubt about Android Capabilities and the Limitations, comparing it with iPhone Ability.


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but Hey There!  Android and iPhone are not Match and can’t be compared in any way but having said that, I still stood my ground in trying to convince and Educate them on so many things You can do with Your Android, I was able to give some few fascinating features on an Android Phone which they haven’t heard or tried out before, as Android geek and a phone repairer I showed them some cool stuff and some Hidden Tricks in an Android Phones, one of the examples is the one I mentioned above.


Now no more long talk,  today I will show to convert a single mp4 or 3gp file to mp3 file without using any video converter software on your Android Phone.


How To Convert Mp4, 3gp, or Any Video File To Mp3 Format.


  • Step 1: first of all we will be making use of a file called File Manager App, I will recommend the Perfect or similar App that will work for you 100%. Note this Process is for rooted and non-rooted devices so you need to fear about any privilege or admin rights as this post got you covered, let’s go


  • Step 2: Go to Google PlayStore And Search for “FX Manager” or “File Explorer” or “EX Explorer” download and Install any of the Above Mentioned App names.


  • Step 3: once you have successfully the app, locate the app in Your Phone and open it now search for the location of the video you want to convert to Mp3 format, now when you see the video just click and Hold on the file until it is ticked.


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  • Step 4: click on the option at the upper right-hand side according to the image below. Now click on the button that said rename, then edit the name of the file example: chubby dance.mp4 to chubby.mp3 and click save it. Now open your newly edited file and see how it just transformed and converted to Mp3 format with any video converter. As simple as that.

  • Step 5: Listen and Play Your Newly Created Mp3 File and Enjoy!




Finally, I was able to prove to you of so many things Android Phones Can And it’s Capabilities? So when Next Someone Wants To Agrue blindly over things Androids Can do and Cannot Do I’d Advice that You refer them to this post and prove them wrong, in the beginning of this post I made reference on my little encounter with few friends who doubt the capabilities of an Android Phone and I was able to clear their doubts with good facts!. Thanks for Reading, Keep visiting and Kindly share!.


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