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How To Delete ALL of Your Instagram Photos at Once?

How To Bulk Delete ALL of Your Instagram Photos at Once

How to mass delete your Instagram posts in 2021

In case you’re certain Instagram is only an exercise in futility for you and doesn’t bring any value into your life, you can erase your account. Or on the other hand, possibly you just need to erase the entirety of your photos.

Obviously, manually deleting hundreds or thousands of photos is a tedious assignment. Removing all the photos in one go is a vastly better alternative.

Is There a Way to Delete All Instagram Posts at Once?

Instagram does not currently support deleting multiple photos at once. In other words, you cannot delete all your IG photos in one go.

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Delete the Hashtag

The nearest answer for clump deleting Instagram pictures comprises denoting the photos you need to erase with the equivalent hashtag. You would then be able to remove all the images containing that hashtag.

  1. Select one of the images you want to delete.
  2. Tap the menu and select Edit.edit instagram image
  3. Then add a really bizarre hashtag that no one else is using.add new hashtag instagram
  4. Save the changes. Do the same for all the images you want to remove.
  5. Then, search for your hashtag. All the images containing that hashtag will be selected. You can then delete them from one place.

Sincerely, instead of manually adding a common hashtag to all your photos, you can simply select Delete instead of Edit.

Using Third-Party Apps From the Play Store

If you google ‘how to delete all your IG photos at once‘, you’ll find plenty of results where people recommend using this and that third-party app.

The problem is that many of these apps don’t actually work. Before installing any of them, check their Play Store rating. You’ll see that users quickly uninstalled the apps because they did not deliver what they promised.

For the purpose of this guide, I tested several apps that promised to batch delete Instagram images. However, I could not find any app that’s really easy to use and does what it promises.

Quick Summary:

here is a quick summary of How to Delete ALL of Your Instagram Photos

How To Mass Delete Instagram Posts
  1. Log into your Instagram account on your smartphone.
  2. Find the post you’d like to delete. Then click on the three dots in the upper right corner of that post.
  3. Choose Delete.

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