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How To Get Mtn 20GB Free Data Plus 100% Data Bonus

How To Get Mtn 20GB Free Data Plus 100% Data Bonus


According to a tweet on Twitter on this post which stated that this offer is for some specific itel phone users only. Perhaps still if you are not one you should look into this post on how to get MTN 20GB free data plus 100% data bonus that will be valid for 6 months or more.

Mtn just made an announcement about this offer which we wish to bring to your notice that you can now get the MTN free 20GB for free when you follow some specific task and also 100% of data that is attached to this offer which validation date is as of 6 Months from the day you get the offer.

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According To Mtn

This already explains everything to you as stated above.

How To Get Mtn 20GB Free Data 

You can get the MTN 20GB data just by following the process below.

  1. You have to get an itel A23 4G device.
  2. Which can be gotten at any MTN outlet shop.
  3. Or you click here to check the list of stores that the phones are available on.
  4. Which the phone is sold at 21,000 plus and name itel A23 lte.
  5. Once you just get the device you will be able to enjoy the 20GB of data.

That’s just about how you get the device and you stand a chance to enjoy the offer.

Can I get the MTN free 20GB data without being an itel users

As stated it’s not for itel users but it’s for people that buy the specific itel phone which is stated above.

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Is the offer available for other itel users? 

The answer is no other itel users are not eligible to enjoy this offer for it’s just for itel A23 lte.

Can I get the phone from other shops? 

Apart from the MTN shop which was stated to get the phone from MTN does not state that we should buy or get the phone from another shop that one of the terms and conditions that is applied to the phone and for people that will like to enjoy this offer.

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Can other android users enjoy the MTN 20GB free data bonus

The answer to this question is no for now but if you discover any alternative ways that you can use to enjoy this offer as an android or iOS user we will let you know straightforward on this same post.

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