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How to Send text Message To Someone from Anonymous Number ?

Anonymous Texting: How to Send an Anonymous Text [2021 ...

How To Send Anonymous Text Messages To Someone


Knowing how to text someone from a different number or a fake number could come in handy. No, you don’t need a different SIM altogether to do this. You can very much deceive someone you know by texting them from your own device, but with a different number. This can be done without having to compromise with your own SIM card.

There are a few ways through which you can conveniently do this, however, texting someone from a fake number can go against the legal guidelines of your region, and severe criminal charges could be imposed upon you. If you are reading this to report some complaint anonymously, this legislation might apply to you too. If you are willing to take that risk nonetheless, let’s take a look at a few ways through which you can text someone from a different number.

4 Ways to text someone from a different number

 Online SMS service:

This may sound like an outdated method considering that many messenger services have begun to trend such as WhatsApp and Facebook. However, using an online SMS service is an optimum way through which you can text someone, without the recipient knowing your identity. For this, all you have to do is subscribe to an online SMS service. The subscription might come at a cost, but this cost is menial.

Once you have paid the fee, you can send unlimited messages to anyone around the world, as long as you know their phone number. Once you send out your message through the online service, the recipient would not see your phone number, but they will only see a random number assigned to you by the app or the website. Your name, number, and even location will be hidden from the receiver, making you completely anonymous.

Using Third-Party apps or fake number apps:

Such apps see a rising trend as people go out of their ways to prank their friends and family. Such apps make it possible for you to send a message or to call someone without revealing your identity. Most of the time, the app assigns you a number, which appears on the screen of your recipient. Other apps ask you what number you would want your recipient to see.

Apps like HushedSpoofbox, burner, and flyp allows you to place texts and calls with anonymity. While there are plenty of apps that can provide fake number service, you need to ensure that the person you want to text lives in the region where the app is supported. If you and your recipient both reside in the region where the app functions, you could quite conveniently place your anonymous text.

If you are pranking someone, you could insert a number that is associated with an inside joke, that only you and your friend would know. That could leave them completely puzzled.

It should be noted, that these apps could ask you for some fee as a price of anonymity. Moreover, they may also ask you about certain personal information, such as name, real number (which will not be visible to the other people), or even your location. This could be done in keeping up with the safety protocol of the company. However, certain apps do not ask you about personal information. But on such websites or services, your number could be subjected to misuse. Therefore, personal judgment should be implemented whilst going ahead with shady applications.

Using burner phones:

Burner phones are a cost-effective means to text or call someone using a different number. Burner phones are cheap devices that are meant to be used and then thrown. When you purchase a burner phone, you are authorized to speak over the phone for some limited minutes.

You will be assigned a temporary phone number which will appear on the screen of your call or text recipient. Once the limited minutes have passed and your pre-paid service comes to an end, you could discard the phone. The best part about this method is, the number cannot be traced back to you.

You must have seen mobsters or spies using burner phones in detective and espionage films. In such movies, people purchase a burner phone for their purpose and discard it immediately after that. The reason is, burner phones are completely untraceable. And even if the location of the phone is identified, nobody can associate you with the phone, owing to the insufficient information the phone has. This is a much safer option than either of the two methods mentioned above, as in those cases, your location could be traced or your number could be misused.

Using somebody else’s phone:

The good old “using someone else’s phone to prank a friend” is still in very much trend. You could borrow the phone of a peer and place a call to someone else. The only thing they will see is a random phone number. The drawback of this method is, the person whose phone you are using could be identified.

People have begun to use number identification applications that display the name of the caller. These apps, such as true caller, can display the name of the lender of the phone. And if you called someone for the purpose of pranking them or worse, for harassing them, the lender of the phone could get in deep trouble. Therefore, it is advised to use your personal judgment before getting yourself or someone else in trouble.


Here is a quick summary of How to Send an Anonymous Text [2021 …

While prank calls can be all fun and games, it should be noted, that such activities go against the legal and ethical guidelines of a certain region. Some countries have stringent policies circling fake calls. Therefore, it is advised to gather as much information as you can about the local laws of your region in regards to the fake calls. These methods are some of the most efficacious ways through which, you could call anyone without having to reveal your identity. One of them is bound to suit your needs and meet your requirements

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