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How to Turn off Narrator in Windows 10 – Microsoft Narrator

What is Narrator on Windows?

When it comes to Windows OS, the list of features goes endless and you may not be aware of many of those, which might come in handy to you. Out of this myriad list comes Windows Narrator. As defined by the word, it is a screen reader tool developed in 1999 to aid primarily the blind and visually challenged consumers.

In Windows 10, this feature has been upgraded to the level that it peruses out loud everything, including the upcoming notifications on the device. For the uncommonly abled people, however, it likewise proves to be useful for the individuals who need time to get acquainted with the overall interface of Windows.

Now and again, you may have to Narrator, though in the others you may watch out to skip it. Therefore, read on to think further about its settings on Windows 10.

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Turning on / off Narrator from the Settings option

Using the Settings icon on the Start menu, you can easily play with turning on and off for the Narrator. Just go for the following steps to execute the process:

  • Go to the Start option and click on Settings (gear icon at the bottom left). Another way is to directly type “Settings” in the search bar at the bottom.
Windows settings
  • Go to Ease of Access->Narrator.
Turn off or Turn on Narrator Windows 10
  • Under Narrator, you can find the option for Use Narrator and can play with the toggle button given.
  • Turn it on or off as per your requirements and gain complete control over the settings.

Therefore, playing with the Narrator has become easy in Windows 10.

Enable Narrator on Windows with a keyboard shortcut

Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut to quickly turn on the Narrator for Windows 10. Just go for Windows+ Ctrl+ Enter keys simultaneously and the Narrator dialog box would pop up accordingly. You can click OK to proceed with the feature.

In case of opening the feature for the first time, it would show you the guide for efficient use. You may check off this in the box to prevent seeing it in the future.

Turning off with the keyboard shortcut

Just like you used the shortcut in the previous section, go for the same keys, and now, instead of hitting on OK, select the option to Turn off Narrator. Accordingly, the window would get closed and you would not hear the narration of the screen.

Completely disable the Narrator on Windows

In case if you want to permanently disable the Narrator on Windows 10 (to prevent any accidental opening via shortcut keys), then go for the steps given below:

  • Go to the Search bar of Cortana and type Narrator in the box.
  • Right-click on it and open the file location in the device storage.
  • After redirecting to the location, right-click on the Narrator icon and click on the Properties option.
  • Under the Properties window, go for Security->Edit to enter into the user account.
  • Select the user account on which you want to disable the Narrator account.
  • Choose the option to Deny control. As a result, all of the associated checkboxes would get unchecked and the application would lose permission.
  • Click on Apply to save the changes successfully.
  • Hit on OK and exit the Window.

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Quick Summary:

Here is a quick Recap of How to Turn off Narrator in Windows 10 – Microsoft Narrator

How to turn Narrator on or off on Windows 10 using Settings
  1. Click the Start button and then click the Settings icon, which resembles a gear. …
  2. Click “Ease of Access.”
  3. In the pane on the left, click “Narrator.”
  4. In the “Use Narrator” section, turn the feature on or off by clicking the button labeled “Turn on Narrator.”

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