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How to Use WeTransfer on Android Devices – WeTransfer

How to Use WeTransfer on Your Mobile Device 2021-2022

Updated April 6th, 2022.

WeTransfer offers a mobile app for iOS and Android that you can use to transfer files from your mobile device. The app can’t do much else other than transfer files; for example, you can’t access your WeTransfer Plus account, if you have one. Also, you can send only photos and videos that you’ve taken with your mobile device. You can’t send any other types of documents like you can with the desktop version.

How To Transfer Files Using WeTransfer?

This limited functionality may make the app seem not very useful. However, if you want to transfer your photos and videos to your desktop computer without connecting your device or syncing, you can quickly do so. This could come in handy if you’ve taken a ton of photos while traveling and have run out of storage space on your device.

To get started with WeTransfer for Android or iOS, you first need to download the app from whichever app store you use and afterward dispatch the app. At the point when you first open the app, you get a message disclosing what to do. Swipe up from the lower part of the screen to get freed of this message.



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The app shows the photographs and recordings on your device in thumbnails. To transfer files from your android phone, follow these instructions below:

  1. Scroll through your photos and videos to find the ones you want to transfer. You can tap each thumbnail to see a larger view of the photo or video.

  2. Tap and hold to select the photos and videos you want to transfer. You can choose as many as you want.

  3. Tap Next at the top of the screen.

  4. In the To field, type in the e-mail address of the person you want to transfer the files to.

  5. In the From field, type in your own e-mail address. Note: If you’re a WeTransfer Plus account owner, your default e-mail address fills in automatically.

  6. In the Message field, type in an optional message.

  7. Tap Transfer.

You see an improvement meter for your upload. Click Done when it’s completed. For some reason, you need to decline a transfer, tap Cancel.
NB: WeTransfer free users can send up to 2GB of files. WeTransfer Plus users can send up to 10GB.

Download files to your mobile device

In the event that you receive an e-mail from a WeTransfer user who has sent you files, you can download the files to your device. However, you don’t use the app for this. When you click the Download button in the e-mail, your device’s Web browser opens, and you’re taken to the site. You download files much the same as you would on a desktop computer.



Quick Summary:

This is a quick summary of How to Transfer Files Using WeTransfer

Just go to and you’ll be presented with the option to ‘Send a file?’ . Once you click that, you’ll be able to select ‘Add your files’. Then you select where to add your files from and you can add a message if you like

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