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How to Include Internet Real Speed Meter Features on Android

Tracking every activity on your android smartphone is what makes you your smartphone guru, but when you don’t know the rate at which things are being measured, maybe the speed of the device, time limit, network capability speed, and some other important stats of the device, then you’re nothing but a novice.

Recently, I came across an android application that provides me with real-time statistics on the internet speed of my device. Normally, these features isn’t included on android devices. If you’ve used the Symbian device once, then you should be able to recall these features where you get to see the real-time meter of your internet speed.

App Name: Internet Speed Meter Lite

The Internet speed meter lite displays the real-time speed meter on the status bar and also displays the amount of data consumed in the notification bar. However, your network connection is monitored anytime your mobile network is turned on.


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The internet speed meter lite features battery efficiency, monitors your traffic stats for the last 30days, provides you with separate mobile stats from WiFi stats, provides you with daily data usage on a notification, and also provides you with real-time speed update in the status bar and also on the notification.


Where to download Internet Speed Meter Lite?

You can download the application from Google playstore here.

If you experience any bug or issue with the app, please do let me know via the comment section, and I’ll report the problem to the developer.

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