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Tweakware VPN For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2021 | MTN 0.0kb Browsing

Tweakware VPN For MTN Free Browsing Cheat for 2021 

As we all know that MTN is one of the biggest network providers in Africa which the headquarter was located in South Africa.


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As MTN the biggest network provider in Africa, so also we have many internet gurus that is working 247 to take the company down by hacking into MTN network day and night.

Not only on MTN but there are also some standby internet providers or network providers in Africa like GloAirtel, and on 9mobile formerly known as Etisalat which these gurus are tormenting day and night.

Today, these internet guru’s have hacked into MTN company from insider and figure out new ways to browse free on MTN.

Tweakware VPN For MTN Free Browsing Cheat, MTN 0.0kb free Browsing Cheat.


Tweakware VPN For MTN Free Browsing Cheat 2021| MTN 0.0kb Browsing




Don’t forget that we have posted different methods to enjoy this New MTN Browsing cheat lately, but we noticed there are still some people that are yet to enjoy this cheat either because that can’t import.

However, we have other alternative settings and app to ensure that everyone enjoys it before MTN closes the loophole.

Unfortunately, the new MTN cheat is capped at just 1GB for most SIM cards when usings Spark Vpn or XP Psiphon. We’ll advise you to try this trick because there is no harm in trying. Who knows, you may be the next luckiest person to be hooked to unlimited free browsing and internet on MTN Nigeria.

Tweakware is one of the Oldest and popular VPN app that we have used to enjoy free internet access since the year-ago starting from the MTN BB10, MTN MusicPlus CheatEtisalat/9Mobile Social Me Cheat, and GLO Free browsing cheat just name it.


Tweakware VPN For MTN Free Browsing Cheat

The app offers FREE and PREMIUM services so it’s your choice to choose the one that suits you. The free service has only one server located in the United States and when the traffic gets congested, it frequently disconnects.


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Also, there is ads popup from time to time but if you upgrade to the Tweakware premium version, you get a premium account with a Username and Password and you will have more servers to select from.

There won’t be adverts on the app and your connection becomes more stable. Without wasting much of your time, let’s quickly jump into today’s topic, it about importing Tweak configure (.twk) Tweakware VPN for this MTN free browsing trick.


=>> An Android Smartphone

=>> An MTN SIM with 0.0kb balance and no data

=>> Strong 3G/4G/5G network

=>> Tweakware VPN – Download Here |.

=>> Use the default MTN APN settings as it is.
Note that this file has no expiring date (none). So don’t worry, about this config file.



==>> Download this configuration file of configure .twk Click Here |

==>> Next, use UNRAR or Zachiver app to extract the zip file.

==> And then update download latest version of Tweakware VPN by Click Here |, if you don’t have any. If you already have it.

==>> Launch the Tweakware app you downloaded from the link above.

==>> Then launch TWAEKWARE VPN.

=>> Tap on SETTINGS
==>> And scroll down to IMPORT TWEAK and tap on it.

==>> Then you would be taken to your device file manager, then locate the configure.twk you downloaded earlier and tick the box and click OK.

==>> It will then automatically installed on your Tweakware VPN.

==>> Now go back to the Tweakware homepage select IMPORT TWEAK make sure you do not select “Remote Tweak” or any other, as it will not work. Now use any free server to connect if your not a premium user.

Now tap on the connect if you’re a premium user it connects at once but if you’re a free user you might get these pop-up message saying;
The maximum number of free users reached try other free servers or try again please make sure you’re using the official tweakware apk. >><<
Just keep trying till it connects

Now minimize tweakware app and start to surf the web.

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Important: Tweakware has a 350MB limit per day while in some versions, it’s more than that.

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