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Top 10 Best Video Calling Apps For Android 2021

Best Free Video Chat Apps 2021

2021 Top 10 Best Video Calling Apps For Android

Who might have anticipated 10 years a decade ago that now having calls would be the new normal? Truly, the changing times have constrained everybody to eliminate eye to eye gatherings(face-to-face meetings) and execute a greater amount of these virtual meetings. 10 years back, video calls were of incredibly poor quality, with slacking screens and dropped frames.

Be that as it may, see, how it has been changed totally. You can easily enjoy high-speed video calls with all of the necessary tools. It has discovered its application in both easygoing and business purposes. Furthermore, there is no denying the way that video calling will proceed starting now and into the foreseeable future (since the new ordinary has moved the way that the world used to work).

Along these lines, it is exceptionally essential the users get updated with the best video calling solutions that can aid in their purposes.. In this manner, in our blog of the day, we would examine in detail the best 10 video calling apps for the Android world in the year 2020.

The Basic Required tools

Prior to pushing ahead, it is very imperative to have a reasonable comprehension of different tools that can be used under a video calling app With this, you get the choices for both sound and video calls (that can be chosen according to your per your available bandwidth).

Furthermore, a majority of the video calling apps permit at least 6 people in a single call and it can go to significantly increase digits likewise (in light of the popularity of the product). On account of adding extremely huge gatherings of individuals, you can likewise go for a live streaming feature.

Top 10 Video Calling Apps for Android for 2021

This list has been compiled after careful consideration of the reviews given by the users in 2020.

1. Zoom Meeting

When it comes to going for the best video calling app, almost everybody has suggested the name of Zoom. It is widely famous for being an all-round video visit and conferencing app to be utilized for business meets individual calls or live streaming for online shows.

Some of its awesome features include the following:

  • Multi-device support in the forms of the software’s for PC and laptops and apps for mobile devices (both Android and iOS).
  • Screen sharing, live annotations, voice modules, chat support, and other similar tools to aid in the smooth conduction of the video calls.
  • End to end encryption to secure the discussions held during any meeting and ensure the privacy of the users.
  • Pro mode for business tier meetings to allow up to 100 people in one call and provide other features specific to the license holders.

In the initial days, there were some security lapses reported for the app. By now, those have been resolved and the developers are working towards regular updates on these.

Zoom App: Download


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2. Skype

The next one on the list is Skype, which is a brainchild from Microsoft. It has been running in the field of video conferencing for a beautifully long time and has set up its name in the class. Its 50 person limit and support to multiple devices are just some of the first things that come to mind.

The other awesome features include the following:

  • A comprehensive solution is also providing international calling and texting to the people who cannot access the video calling features.
  • Perfect screen sharing with friends and family to showcase beautiful moments.
  • Live translation and transcription to support the audio or video during the conference call.
  • Paid version for businesses to conduct their calls smoothly (which has been renamed as Microsoft Teams today).

Thus, the app is perfect in the free version if you are using it just to chat for personal reasons. In case of business purposes, you may think of switching to its Teams edition to enjoy seamless video and audio support.

Download Skype

3. Google Duo: Free Video Calling App

The next most loved app among Android users is Google Duo. In the new dispatches of the Android models, this is pre-introduced and just should be refreshed prior to starting with the utilization. A brainchild of Google, it is anything but difficult to utilize and enhances the accessibility of the devices.

The classy features include the following:

  • Option to record and send video messages to the contacts in case of their offline status.
  • 32 person limit for the pro users and 8 persons for free users, to easily cater to their requirements.
  • In-app purchases of different stickers and emoji’s to personalize the content shared with the people.
  • Knock-knock feature to provide a live preview of the caller before receiving the call.

Hence, it might be another effortless tool for Android users.

Get Google Duo

4. Viber

Another app that has been in the Android world for a huge time is Viber. Aside from Android, it is known to have its help on even iOS devices and the other OS that is not, at this point being used. A portion of its tasteful features include the following:

  • Secure communications between the users and encrypts the texts, calls, and chats only between the users.
  • User-friendly interface that can be accessed easily by the users and does not require any support for the understanding.
  • Allows gaming with the call to make the overall event a fun one.

It has a limitation in the number of people who can be under one call and thus is suitable for only one-on-one communication.

Download Viber

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5. Discord

On the off chance that the gamers are searching for answers to be like-minded ones, then nothing can beat the services of Discord. It is one of the vigorous apps that can support the Android world and is generally known for the screen share of gaming screens to discuss the overall gameplay.

The basic features include the following:

  • Focus on DMs, group chats, and text messages apart from the normal video calling interface.
  • Free account allows the streaming till 720p with the maximum number of people at 10.
  • The paid version allows going up to 1080p and the number extended to 50.
  • Live built-in streaming service to project the gaming screen directly without having to physically close the game.

Thus, the app is perfect only for Android users who are into regular gaming schedules.

Get Discord on your Android Phone


6. Whatsapp

How might you fail to remember the multi-useful messaging and calling solution that is a mandatory thing in all of the Android devices? Whatsapp has come right down from being a basic messaging service to the one that supports audio and video calling.

The following are some of the classy features of the app:

  • Improvisation in the quality of the video calls can be beneficial for the users.
  • End to end encryption for only the ones attending the calls.
  • The fast solution in connecting for audio or video connects even in low bandwidth of the internet.
  • Free app with no requirement of in-app purchases.

Another update in the pipeline is that the users can add themselves to the group calls in cases when they miss those and have not to rely upon others to manually add them.

Download Whatsapp


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7. Google Hangouts

Another of Google’s brainchild in the list of preferred video calling apps for Android is Google Hangouts. It has been there in the world for a critical time and has made its position with regular updates and features. The cross-practical help has made the utilization consistent.

The classy features include the following:

  • Straightforward calling feature where you simply need to hit on the video button to initiate the call with your near ones.
  • Encrypted video calls, thanks to the support of Google.
  • GIFs, stickers, and emoji’s to enhance the personalization of the messages from the users.
  • Free app and yet does not display any ads during the usage.

Get Google Hangouts

8. JusTalk

JusTalk is one of the lesser-known platforms on Android and yet it offers good solutions when it comes to video calling someone. The features include the following:

  • Customization of the app with themes and keyboard styles as per the requirements.
  • Feature of doodling in between the video calls to make the overall experience a fun one.
  • Free application with in-app purchases for emoji’s and themes.
  • End-to-end encryption of the calls.
  • Multi-platform support and thus enhances the compatibility to the different users.

You can give it a shot, as it matches the decent requirements of the functionalities of video calling.

Download from Playstore

9. Line

The line is another of the Android apps that offer support of audio and video calling beyond the simple messaging interface. With about 500 million users currently, it ensures a higher quality of the calls despite being free for everyone. Some of its well-known features include the following:

  • Addition of filters during the video calls to make them more personalized.
  • Cross-functional support with the app being accessible from mobiles and PCs.
  • Easy sharing of emojis, texts, photos, and videos amongst each other.
  • Certain in-app purchases for more themes for interested users.

10. Facebook Messenger

The keep going one on the rundown is Facebook Messenger. Being a popular tool, it is discovered pre-installed in several Android models released in recent times. Aside from the straightforward sharing of DMs, you can undoubtedly utilize it to connect on videos. Simply go to the person’s profile and hit on the video option.

The app additionally permits the use of emoji’s, GIFs, and other funny tools to customize the discussion. The texts stay on the chat for longer durations and you can easily export them for future references

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Download Messenger


With this, we conclude on our list for the best. Just think about the purpose of your calls and then the required selection would become quite effortless. Let us know your queries in the comments section. Till then, stay safe and keep subscribed to our channel for more of such blogs.


Here is a quick recap of the Top 10 Video Calling Apps for Android for 2021

  1. Zoom Meeting

  2. Skype

  3. Google Duo: Free Video Calling App

  4. Viber

  5. Discord

  6. WhatsApp

  7. Google Hangouts

  8. JusTalk

  9. Line

  10. Facebook Messenger

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