Top 6 Best Free Web Hosting Plans of 2022

The Best Free Web Hosting Plans of 2022

Web hosting for free isn’t the ideal choice for the majority of people. For commercial purposes it’s not the best option.

If your requirements are straightforward and you don’t need to pay a penny to host your site Free hosting is the right choice. This is a list of the top free web hosting solutions available today.


Check out the Top Six Free Web Hosts

  • Wix — The best free web hosting that is easy to use with website building tools
  • Awardspace — The most affordable web hosting without ads
  • Atspace is the best choice for unlimited bandwidth and 24×7 customer service
  • Freehostia –the best choice for sites with fast speed
  • Agilityhoster — The best web hosting for free and also free email
  • Byethost — Ideal for hosting websites with unlimited capacity

Non-profits and educators usually are eligible for free (or very discounted) hosting through some great hosting providers. Go here to learn more.

So which web host is right for you? Check out my review below to determine which one is best for you.



The 6 Most Popular Free Web Hosts

Wix — The Best Free Hosting and Easy Website Builder

  • 1 site 500MB storage 500MB bandwidth
  • Wix ads
  • Assigned domain Wix
  • Drag-and-drop web-based website builder

Wix is among the top website builders there. Through the builder they have, they provide free web hosting.

This is one of our favorite sites. We recommend anyone who is just who is just starting by creating a blog, or an online store. Their user-friendly interface is extremely intuitive, making it simple to design an appealing website that meets the needs of their customers.

They also offer 24 hour customer support. This is essential when you’re hosting websites.

But, their options are limited the free plans. You can expect half the storage and bandwidth of of the other options in this list. Also, you won’t have a customized domain and your website will be populated with Wix ads all over the site.

Overall, however it’s a great option for anyone looking for free hosting.

More Wix specifications

Online payments are not included, Google Analytics not included. Start using Wix today!.



Awardspace — The Best Free Web Hosting with No Ads

Top 6 Best Free Web Hosting
Top 6 Best Free Web Hosting Plans of 2022 –
  • 1 site 1GB storage 5GB bandwidth
  • No advertisements
  • Domain registration
  • Limited customer support ticketing, live chat, online documentation

awardspace is famous for their web hosting service that is free. Since more than a decade, they’ve been providing the best hosting service.

They stand out by offering an entire gigabyte of space (more than many other companies). We spoke with the representative from Awardspace and they confirmed that they also provide up-to-date version that include PHP as well as MySQL.

Awardspace also provides the Zacky drag-and-drop site builder as well as an user-friendly WordPress along with a Joomla installer.

Be aware that if your website is not receiving any traffic over the course of 12 months, your site will be made inactive. After two weeks of notifications being sent, the site will be taken down.


More Awardspace specifications

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 30MB database storage, 1 email account, no SSL. 


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Atspace — Great for Unlimited Bandwidth and 24/7 Support for Customers

  • 1 site 1GB storage space Unlimited bandwidth
  • No advertisements
  • Domain registration
  • Limited customer support 24 hours a day, live chat, ticketing with a limit Online documentation

Atspace is almost identical statistics to Awardspace. What’s the difference? Atspace provides unlimited bandwidth (as as opposed to Awardsspace’s 5GB) and claims 24/7/365 customer support.

In the end, however, Atspace lists that support as “limited 24/7/365 support” So take that with the utmost caution. salt.

Atspace also makes use of Zacky, which is a Zacky website builder as well as the app installer for applications like WordPress or Joomla.

More Atspace specifications

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 30MB database storage, 1 email account, no SSL



Freehostia –Best for Fast Site Speed

  • Five websites, 250MB of storage 6MB bandwidth
  • No advertisements
  • Domain registration
  • 24/7 customer support , with a one-hour ticket response as well as online documentation

Freehostia provides cloud hosting for free with their Chocolate plan. It’s quicker than many of the other choices that are available.



Agilityhoster — The Best Free Web Hosting, plus Free Email

  • 1 site, 1GB storage 5GB bandwidth
  • No advertisements
  • Domain registration
  • Live chat, limited ticketing and live chat, and online documents (24/7 customer assistance only for system malfunctions)

Agilityhoster’s free plan is similar to the one offered by Awardspace and Atspace It has only 1000MB of storage space and a 20-MB MySQL database. Also, it doesn’t have any kind of web-based website builder which is nice, but isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

It does include a straightforward WordPress or Joomla installer that can make it easy to get up and running quickly. It is a good choice if you want to set up your website quickly for a low cost.

A sales representative confirmed that the software is up-to date with PHP along with MySQL.

More Agilityhoster specifications

PHP 7.2, MySQL 5.7, 20MB database storage, 1 email account, no SSL. 



Byethost — Great for Hosting Unlimited Sites

  • Unlimited sites, storage and bandwidth
  • No advertisements
  • Domain registration
  • 24/7 customer support and a knowledge base

Byethost is the largest free web host that offers unlimited storage, sites, and bandwidth, as well as five accounts for email. It also comes with an automatic SSL on all domains and comes with a free website builder, with templates.

There’s a downside Byethost is among the most professional-looking hosts I’ve encountered. Additionally, the site is badly written website, and a lack of clarity that I’m not sure how wide their unlimited services actually are.

If you don’t think you require an enormous amount of storage space for your database I would suggest using another free hosting service.

More Byethost specifications

PHP 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0; unlimited database storage five email accounts with self-signed SSL. 



Free Hosting for Ecommerce Sites

Let’s get this straight: If you’re serious in launching your own online business and want to make it a success, you must run your online store using Shopify. It’s the only option in the market and the cost of a subscription is definitely worth it.

A majority of websites that are free don’t offer online shopping, and even when they do, their shopping experience is pretty poor.

However, it’s true that the Chocolate program is small, with only 250MB on disk as well as 10-MB database space. Do not expect to host tons of content on your site in the near future.

It includes a auto-signed SSL certificate as well as a website builder, with templates that are free and promises of responding to help customers in less than an hour. This is almost unheard of.

If you’ve got a modest enough website, the client service guarantee alone is what is what makes Freehostia an attractive choice.

More Freehostia details

PHP 4/5 7 MySQL 5 10MB database storage, 3 email accounts Self-signed SSL. 



Free Hosting for E-commerce Sites

Let’s be clear: If you’re serious in launching your own online business it is essential to manage your online store using Shopify. It’s the sole contender in this field and the monthly cost is worth it.

A majority of websites that are free don’t offer online shopping, and even when they do, their experience is quite restricted.


  • You can sell 1 item with the plan for free
  • Additional costs for custom domains $24.95/year

I was quite shocked to discover strikingly, a site builder which also includes an integrated ecommerce feature on the free version.

The problem is large: You’ll be restricted to selling just one product as well as being limited to using an subdomain. This is ecommerce, but it’s not the best location to start an ecommerce business. If you’re thinking of doing that it’s time to go to our tutorials on how to create an Ecommerce Website in just 9 steps along with How to Create an Online Store that Drives sales in 2019. It’s a good idea.

I was able to confirm through Strikingly support, if you’d like to have an individual domain, you’ll need to pay for an annual subscription.

While selling a single product through a subdomain is extremely restricting, it’s extremely uncommon to find a cost-free solution that allows you to sell anything. This is why I added the option. However, you’re already aware of my feelings about subdomains. (They can be instant trust breakers for those who aren’t yet convinced to purchase from your site.)

Online stores that are free are somewhat more readily available. What’s the different? The online stores are merely shops, with no features of a fully-fledged website. This means there is that there is no blog, and no other information, and only products.


  • Drag-and-drop editor with four custom themes
  • Supports domain names with custom domain names
  • Transaction cost: 2.9% + $0.30

Square is commonly popular for their point-of-sale credit card swipers that are found at every farmer’s marketplace and fair. However, they also provide an amazing ecommerce website builder , which gives you hosting for no cost.

As you can imagine it works very well with Square’s POS system. So you can keep your system all centralized and working together.

Square's free online store templates
Square offers four customizable templates for its free online stores.


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  • Limit of 10 products
  • Start Site supports custom domain name
  • Fees for transactions: It depends on the the payment processor (Ecwid accepts 40 different gateways)

Ecwid is an intriguing alternative. It offers a cost-free online store, similar to Square (Ecwid refers to it as”a “Starter site”), Ecwid also offers a completely free web-based retailer widget with a code that which you can integrate onto any platform you’re using, from Wix from WordPress to Tumblr as you would YouTube videos. This widget lets that you can sell on multiple websites.

You can easily add an online store from Ecwid to any site for free.


The Most Effective Free Web Hosting in Summary

In the end, you should steer clear of free hosting services. Although the cost is attractive, you’ll lose with regards to reliability as well as performance. If you’re just beginning an online presence for your personal use and don’t wish to pay for any money Web hosting for free can meet your needs.

In other cases, a shared web hosting service will be the better choice. It is possible to host your site at a cost of a few dollars per month.

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